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Leber Hereditary Optic Neuropathy causes sudden, severe, painless loss of central vision, usually first in one eye, then within a few months in the other. 

Adjusting to LHON

Losing central vision is scary. Figuring out what to do when it happens is confusing, and there are many issues to address all at once.  


This site was created by a family affected by LHON. By sharing what we learned as we struggled to cope with LHON, and what we've learned over the years since it first happened, we hope to help make the adjustment process smoother for others.  

Pictures of healthy vision and LHON vision

Video Overview about Life with LHON



LHON Community


Join our large and active global Facebook group by clicking on the icon to the right. Over 5,000 people share information about living with LHON, including those affected, carriers, and sighted supporters. Go to the Register page to receive LHON emails.

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